Namaskaru, hi, hello and welcome to our blog.

This blog mainly features traditional konkani recipes prepared in traditional way. Occasionally I also put up other vegetarian recipes of India which I keep trying to expand my know how of Indian cuisine. I love Indian flavours in that they are so vibrant, full of taste, healthy. 

I got inspired to write this blog when I came across few blogs that had Indian recipes written so beautifully and from heart .There was a sense of pride in seeing these blogs do a wonderful job of creating an online, digital diary of such traditional recipes. 

To keep up with this, I encouraged  my mom to maintain a similar online diary with all recipes which she learnt from her mom(my loving grand ma) and also the ones which she tries herself(which all of us relish).

So the real author of this blog is my mom. The recipes and photos uploaded here are compiled by my mom and I take care of the uploading part ,the blog aesthetics and  managing our social networks.

So as the blog grows, you will find recipes ranging from breakfasts, side dishes(upkari,lonche, chutney,sasam, bajo, ambado), juices(kokam kadi, varieties of thaak...), the main course(Ambat,koddel,ghashi,sukke,kadi...) ,sweets(shevai ani rosu, pitta undo,ubbatti.....) 

You will also find other Indian recipes which my mom keeps trying.The sources she refers for these new stuffs are TV channels(any language-as food doesnt need understanding of languages! ) blogs,online videos and her neighbours.

So to summarize, this blog is our combined effort to keep alive the tradition of konkani food and Indian food in general.We are keen to help those who want to learn Konkani recipes be it newly married girls/boys, working people and all those food enthusiasts like us.

We hope you like our recipes and posts on konkani cuisine in particular and Indian cuisine in general. Your view on this blog, suggestions and food tips are most welcome:-)

Best regards,
Konkani foodies team(Mom and me !!)

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